Monday, December 31, 2007

Arthritis - Resources: Articles, Animations, Videos

Some resources you can use:

1) 7 Misconceptions About Arthritis

2) A huge list of articles on Arthritis

3) Help your arthritis treatment work

4) Role of diet in disease activity of arthritis:

Videos / Animations

‘Living with Arthritis: Treatment Options from Exercise to Surgery’ from the Oregon Health and Science University

You can access the link here:

Arthritis: Herbal Therapy : Watch the video on Youtube

An interesting Flash presentation on Arthritis:

Arthritis Exercise for Strengthening the Hip & Knee Joints

Learn arthritis exercises for strengthening the hip & knee joints in this free physical therapy & fitness video. Part of a series - see more at

Watch it here:

Arthritis - Myth

Myths about the Arthritis disease

Watch it here:

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